The Infinity Gauntlet #1 Comic Cover Men's T-Shirt



The Infinity Gauntlet #1 Comic Cover Men's T-Shirt


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In his quest to get the girl, he'll destroy everything. Like, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

And the "girl" is actually the female embodiment of Death. See where this is going??

In the six-issue Marvel Comics' mini-series released throughout 1991, The Infinity Gauntlet chronicled Thanos' wielding of a mighty gauntlet affixed with the realty-bending Infinity Gems.

No, not "stones". Gems.

Proving his worth to Death, he used his complete mastery over reality to erase half the sentient life dwelling in the universe with a singular finger snap.

And yes, that included various X-Men and a renowned superhero or two.

The remaining heroes rushed to confront Thanos who humored their attempts to stymie his genocidal courtship. Massive universal upheaval ensued.

Our Infinity Gauntlet #1 Comic Cover Men's T-Shirt features the cover image to the very first issue --it's rendered by comic book legend George Perez.

This Infinity Gauntlet t-shirt focuses on Thanos' gem-affixed hand-piece beaming its reality-kicking stone-power across the universe, brutally affecting the lives of Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, Captain America, and whoever else managed to survive Thanos' initial "purge."

What's Mephisto's role? Why, to offer advice and perhaps save himself from Thanos' inescapable chokehold -- he applies it across vast distances in a matter of picoseconds.

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Maybe the best shirt in the universe

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Great quality and SUPER fast shipping

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