Gambit Feeling Lucky Men's X-Men T-Shirt



Gambit Feeling Lucky Men's X-Men T-Shirt



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They say Wild Bill Hickok was a pretty mean poker player. Even met his demise during a game when an angry player came back for revenge. It was the only time Wild Bill sat with his back to the door and therefore, didn’t see his oncoming doom. I don’t think Gambit would have to resort to any of that treachery non-sense. If that sweet-talking mutant has something to say, he’ll say it right to your face. Now you can see the fiercest poker face in the Marvel Universe on this officially licensed Gambit Feeling Lucky Men’s X-Men T-Shirt. Made from 100% cotton, you’ll be feeling comfy when playing any hand!

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Reviews of Gambit Feeling Lucky Men's X-Men T-Shirt

5.0 (Based on 1 reviews)
Azell edwards
IL, United States

For years I been looking for this t-shirt. Then one day like a perfect hand of poker there it is. It combines my love of cards with one of favorite mutants. Hopefully we will get a hat some day. 🤔 It's comfortable and cool to wear with jeans.

Submitted 3 months ago